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Honda Fit on Yahoo’s Top Ten!

The Honda Fit makes it on Yahoo’s
“Top 10 Most Noteworthy Vehicles of the Decade”
at #6!

Here’s the link: here

But to the important part on why:

The Honda Fit arrived (for the 2007 model year) as gas prices were steadily climbing toward the $4-per-gallon-mark. Unlike its competitors, the Fit didn’t ask you to sacrifice space, practicality or driving pleasure. It delivered on all these counts, and proved that the new frontier of car design is within the cabin. Because of its folding “magic seats,” this tall hatchback swallowed surfboards and bikes with ease, yet still shoe-horned into small parking spaces. With a five-speed manual transmission, the 109-horsepower four-cylinder V-TEC felt punchy; the car’s superb handling was an unexpected bonus. With Honda’s flair for feng shui and near-40 mpg highway fuel economy, the Fit out-distanced all challengers without breaking a sweat. (Yahoo! 2010)

The Fit is GO baby!