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This Week in Comics 4/14/10

Flash #1

So I haven’t read much of the Flash and I don’t know much about him except what was in The Flash Rebirth, but I loved this issue. I always like Wally as the Flash, but I didn’t after reading this comic.  The story is a clean fresh start to this series, great for new Flash readers like me! The real winner here though is the art! It’s amazing! Francis Manapul draws great characters that look young, cool, and interesting and his Flash looks great! The city itself looked bright and cheerful, like no other city I’ve seen in any other comic. The art is just great!

Chew #10

A great ending to the second story of Chew. Not quite as great as the last but I’m holding my breath for this series.

Siege Young Avengers

I love the Young Avengers but the last story about the Dark Avengers just sucked. Still, the first Young Avengers trade was so good I will literally buy any Young Avengers book out there.
Siege Young Avengers was not as good as I hoped, but it’s getting there. I’ve heard about a new series coming up and ‘m very hopeful about it.

-Cover of the Week-

Daredevil #506

Though I did not enjoy th estory much this week, this cover is amazing. I love the Japanese influence over it.

Ok that’s it for this week.

Latr guys!


New Comics 3/18/10

Wow, some great comics came out yesterday!

Siege #3 doesn’t disappoint but I still don’t know what the hell the Sentry actually is… Someone told me he’s like GOD (in all caps man) or something? I don’t know. The Norman Osborn reveal at the end was amazing, and kinda creepy?

Also great one shot Rhino story in Amazing Spider-man. Kelly tells some of the best current Spider-man stories!

Apparently Batman #697 was pretty rad, but I haven’t had time to read it yet. Who is the Black Mask?! Hell I don’t know.

Still getting the format for the blog down so I’m figuring it out.

Until then latr!