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PX 100 Silver Shade Impressions

Ok so finally got the new PX 100 Silver Shade in the mail today and didn’t wait to try it out.

Ok so first shot… Not so great. Way too light.
I suspected that the temperature thing might have been the problem. I was at a restaurant which I wouldn’t call warm but not unnaturally cold either. Could the film really be that sensitive to temperature?

So for the next shot I put the film into my sweater to keep it warm and this is the result:

A lot bettr right! Here are some other shots I took.

I’m not gonna lie, the temperature thing is a bit of an inconvenience, but… the film is really fun to use and the results are cool so far (when they come out right). Still, I’m afraid that the temperature sensitivity and the price ($21) will scare away many from this new film.

Oh yeah, here’s the darkslide that came with the first pack.

“cuddle a porcupine”?


Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

Just got the new Gorillaz album, I was really skeptical at frst when I heard the samples, but so far it’s been really good! I’ll put up a more of my thoughts on it or something later after I’ve listen to the whole album.

pl - gorillaz

Btw, I love the album cover!