Rant: Some People I Don’t like

I was really mad for reasons a few days ago and found that I wrote this on my facebook wall. Also wanted to say I don’t encourage any sort of violence, it’s just a crazy rant, all hypothetical:

There are people I don’t like.
There are people I just HATE. But, they haven’t done anything bad to me so… my morals say
“don’t be a dick unless you’ve been dicked yourself”

It’s confusing me and I wish those I hated would just be assholes so I can be an ass to them… I guess I just want to be a jerk to them but can’t.Know the feeling? You know its 100% irrational and there’s no real reason for this feeling yet you can’t help yourself. You usually don’t know what started this hatred for this person. You don’t know why a switch in you brain just turns on when you see them…
It’s like…

It’s like that guy your family or friends knows that just really ticks you off. You don’t what it is…
His looks? His accent? The way he pronounces the name Mario. It’s the way he wears his cloths or the fact that he’s always in shades when you see him like he thinks he’s cooler than you. You know, the one that acts like a total tool and always makes those inappropriate jokes. And you wish that just one of those jokes would be bad enough to really offend you so that you can go off on him.

Or the cop (probably a white racist one at that) you wish would have kicked you a little too hard and broken a rib giving you the chance to sue his ass.

Or that English professor you wish would go crazy and try to stab you with a pencil in front of class so you smash her face in with your $200 text book… in the name of self defense of course.

Or your neighbor that complains about your dog or give you a lecture on parking on your own side of the street. While he/she smokes all over the neighbor hood so that all your little brothers and sisters can share lung cancer. Or stops you as you’re rushing home to watch you weekly scheduled television program after a day of work or school just to talk for ten minutes about the other neighbors. Or play their goddamn music so loud, with their garage open wide just so we all know that yes you have a nice boat, and yes your iPod is full of shitty music. GOD I HATE THOSE SUNGLASSES. And you just wish that they did one thing…. Just ONE thing to make you mad enough to JUSTIFY TAKING A DUMP ON THEIR DOOR STEP!

It’s like that time you really wish that asshole on the street would do something stupid so you can really put your car’s horn to good use, roll down your window, and scream your lungs out at the guy.

But no…

In the end, they did nothing to you.
And you don’t mess with people who haven’t done anything wrong.
Don’t fuck with those who have not fucked with you. That’s your number one rule.
Suck it in and be an adult.

When they wave, wave. But you don’t have to give them a real smile. Give them your best FUCK YOU look. And confuse them.
When they shake your hand, shake back. But grip slightly tighter than them to make them question your motives.
Laugh at their dumb jokes or make awkward silence.

Be a gentleman and be ready, because when they finally mess up.
When they finally do that one thing,
that ONE thing,
that justifies all of your irrational anger…

go crazy

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