Yashica Electro 35 GS – Need Help!

Ok so I go this Yashica Electro 35 GS because I love 35mm rangefinders. I got it pretty cheap but I can’t seem to get the meter to work. Apparently they don’t make the batteries needed for this camera anymore. If anyone has any suggestions or advice please let me know!

Also I’ve tried using a PX28A 6v battery with a spring, but it doesn’t seem to work either.

  1. try


    i think a unicell tr164 might be what you’re after

    • Wow, this might be it, but it seems that its out of stock, so my search continues…
      Thanks for the info francis!

      • I’m not sure you’re still looking for help but you could also try this: http://www.yashica-guy.com/document/battery.html
        Normally it should work with another battery + spring, but from what I’ve heard you should also makes sure you put cardboard around the battery to fill up the space. Perhaps the battery isn’t making any contact because it fits too loosely in the battery area. You can find info right here: http://www.mattdentonphoto.com/cameras/yashica_gsn.html (GSN and GS work exactly the same, the differences are minor)

        But I simply use it without a battery. You have a fixed shutterspeed of 1/500 instead of automatic shutterspeed, but it’s still a great camera to work with!

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